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The first step to having your own place on the web is well, having your own website. There are hundreds of ways you can go about building your own site, from hand coding every line from scratch, to having a WordPress site that will do most of the technical bits for you.

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Own your Stuff

The internet is filled with billions of sites, yet many people tend to upload every part of their virtual self to just a handful of sites such as Facebook, Instagram or whatever Twitter’s called this week. By posting to your own site, you have complete control over how your photos, videos, text posts and audio look and work

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Be yourself

It’s your website, so you have the ultimate freedom to just be yourself and show the world what interests you, and how you want to be seen online. Whereas with the main social media sites you’re restricted with how you can personalise your profile and what can or cannot be posted, along with expectations on how your present yourself on different platforms.

Create things

While having your own slice of the web is great, it’s only made better by posting to it. Whether it’s photos or video, a song or a podcast, or a piece of writing, there’s no expectation as to what you post, or what frequency you post. While it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of constantly perfecting your site, things truly come alive when you post your own creations for the world to see. Using tools like Bridgy also makes it possible to send your posts back to where your followers are, using POSSE

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Be Part of a Wider Community

The IndieWeb is a global community of people from across the globe with a common interest in having their own personal websites. From weekly meetups, to a thriving chat community, along with the ability to react and comment on other people's site… {WEBMENTIONS}

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